A Multi-Discipline Medical Practice

Hand surgery is an interface specialty which has received contributions and incorporates techniques from orthopaedics, plastic surgery, general surgery, neurosurgery, vascular and microvascular surgery and psychiatry. It is a complex, fascinating specialty. There is Increasing recognition that a well-rounded grasp of biomechanical concepts, functional needs, and the necessary background skills in soft tissue handling (plastic), bone and joint handling, and microsurgical and microvascular reconstructive skills are critical in optimising outcomes in the management of hand injuries and afflictions.

Hand surgeons perform a wide variety of operations such as fracture repairs, releases, transfer and repairs of tendons and reconstruction of injuries, rheumatoid deformities and congenital defects. They also perform microsurgical reattachment of amputated digits and limbs, microsurgical reconstruction of soft tissues and bone, nerve reconstruction, and surgery to improve function in paralysed upper limbs.

The field of hand surgery deals with both surgical and non-surgical treatment of conditions and problems that may take place in the hand or upper extremity (commonly from the tip of the hand to the shoulder).