Hand Surgery Practices in Singapore

In a few countries such as Sweden, Finland and Singapore, Hand Surgery is recognised as a clinical specialty in its own right with a formal four to six years hand surgery resident training program. Hand surgeons going through these programs are trained in all aspects of hand surgery, combining and mastering all the skills traditionally associated with “Orthopedic hand surgeons” and “Plastic hand surgeons” to become equally adept at handling tendon, ligament and bone injuries as well as microsurgical reconstruction such as reattachment of severed parts or free tissue transfers and transplants.

Specialist Hand Surgery units were established in Singapore as early as 1985, and formalised hand surgery training programs and specialist accreditation in Hand Surgery began in 1991, administered by the Ministry of health, Singapore.

To be registered as a Hand Surgeon in Singapore, candidates must have completed at least 4 years of well-rounded basic surgical training and 4 additional years of specialist training to pass a rigorous certifying examination.