Hand Reference (Part 1: Surface Anatomy)


For your reference, use the diagram below to better understand the terms used when describing your hand or to help describe your condition to your health care professional.

Singapore Hand Surgeon Dr. Jonathan Lee


the largest, shortest and most important of the digits of the hand.

Index Finger
second finger of the hand, next to the thumb.

Middle (or Long) Finger
second finger from the outside of the hand.

Small Finger
smallest and last finger closest to the outside of the hand.

Distal Phalanx
bone at the end of a finger.

Middle Phalanx
small, middle bone of a finger.

Proximal Phalanx
small bone of a finger, closest to the palm of the hand.

jointed segment of a finger.

joint between the first and second phalanges.
joint between the second and third phalanges.

Ulnar (Ulna) Border
the Ulna is one of the two long bones in the forearm, prismatic in form. In anatomical position the ulna is placed at the medial side of the forearm closest to the body, parallel with the radius on both arms.

the fleshy mass on the palm of the hand at the base of the thumb.

(image via ASSH)

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